Mercury Prize winner 2008 – Elbow!

Posted by Bob at 22:43 on September 9, 2008

Yes, that’s right, Elbow won the Mercury Prize 2008 with their fantastic album “The Seldom Seen kid”.

Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid

Elbow – The Seldom Seen Kid


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Mercury Prize 2007 – And the winner is…

Posted by Bob at 22:24 on September 4, 2007

The Klaxons – WHY?! Better than the tripe that won it last year? Not much… They decided to wreck the podium when collecting their award, you think they’d know how a microphone works…i.e. don’t put it right in your mouth!!

The Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future

I was hoping for Bat For Lashes, which is one of my favourite albums of 2007. Saying that, I’m always weary of the bands I like winning the prize due to ‘the curse‘ and all… so lets hope The Klaxons aren’t affected by it…

Bat For Lashes - Fur And Gold

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yourcodenameis:milo split up!

Posted by Bob at 17:45 on August 22, 2007

Another good band have split up!

Yourcodenameis:milo last night announced they’re to split up after a 5 year and 4 album career. Read on for a statement from the band…

Read the rest of this entry…

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Arcade Fire – Neon Bible – In an elevator!

Posted by Bob at 19:21 on May 13, 2007

I recently came across this video of the Arcade Fire playing the title track from the Neon bible album in an elevator. Very cool.

Check out the rawkstar review of the album.

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Mime: Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Posted by Bob at 19:32 on January 26, 2007

Look at this – It’s a live(ish) version of “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia, she gets on stage with a mime who acts out her song – She even joins in with the actions near the end… The guitar solo bit is rather amusing too (even though it’s technically incorrect…).

Random Fact #119203 – David Ford played guitar on Natalie’s 3rd album “Counting Down the Days” which helped fund his solo album “I Sincerely Apologise for all the Trouble I’ve Caused” (More info).

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Scarlett Rivers

Posted by Dave at 10:49 on August 5, 2006

Whilst out last night I saw a quite decent solo artist by the name of Jason Wakefield, otherwise known as Scarlett Rivers. I won’t be doing a review of the night but I just wanted to say that this guy was really good. Here is his MySpace:

As I said, he is a solo artist. He plays the piano like some kind of crazy guy (much like Matt Belamy really), anyway you should give him a listen.

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Blog Design

Posted by Bob at 15:15 on June 25, 2006

I know the current colour scheme doesn’t fit the rest of the rawkstar site, I will change it to the ‘red’ scheme at some point! I’m really just posting this to see what 2 Quickies look like together :). Also, I’m tempted to not show the quickies on the homepage (in the recent blog entries list), what do y’all think?

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Posted by Bob at 13:25 on June 24, 2006

As you may notice, I’ve changed the theme the rawkstar blog uses. Now it has these small entries called ‘quickies’ (wordpress people call them asides, I prefer calling them quickies). So, you may now see more random small comments from the team here!

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All you’ll ever be is a dancer…

Posted by Andreas at 12:38 on April 5, 2006

Is a song by This Et Al. Furthermore, I absolutely love it. From the jarring chords to the sensitive chorus bit, it’s all good. Ticking in at under 2 minutes “all you’ll ever be…” is terribly short, but my, those 96 seconds are purest gold.

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Random posting

Posted by Bob at 00:32 on February 24, 2006

An amusing video…

Click here to view Quicktime required…

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