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Who the BPI really should sue…

I haven’t written one of these yet, well I haven’t written much of anything but this was a bandwagon I had yet to jump on. Since I’m finding it quite amusing that lots of people seem to aimlessly post their wholly uninteresting thoughts into the world for others to.. well.. ignore, I thought if I got involved the whole thing might eventually implode.

Wait, I’m supposed to talk about music aren’t I. Umm…

“I was thinking that instead of the music industry suing all the people downloading music illegally, why can’t they sue all the people who listen to their walkman/iPod too loudly and annoy me every single day with their shit taste in music and out of time foot tapping. I’m pretty sure that unlicensed ‘public performance’ of music constitutes as a breech of copyright in some way and you know what, I’d report every single one of them – as long as I can be the one that stamps their expensive piece of conspicuous consumption into the dirt.”

Will that do?

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lol, yeah I agree too, It’s all these new phones that are coming out with loudspeakers built in that are making the problem worse.

It reminds me of the time I spent on a train from Glasgow to Sheffield (I think…) The guy, who looked like he’d be listening to something like Korn from his dress sense, was blaring out Celine Dion, that was weird.

Oh, i found this link to someone in London who sounds equally as annoyed as you!

they’re actually bringing a ban on it in london (playing loudspeaker music on phones that is). At least they’re not ashamed of the fact they want you to hear their shitty ‘music’. People who listen to it on their headphones too loudly pretend that that’s just incidental. They should buy better earphones, mine can practically deafen me and you can barely hear them outside my head.

They’re only cheap Sony walkman ones.

Either that or I’ve got sensitive ears… I don’t think I have.

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