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Whole albums for £0.01?!

I haven’t pre-ordered the download of the new Radiohead album yet – although I would be prepared to pay the bargain basement price of £5 for it I’m going to save up and buy the CD-download-2xvinyl-book-artwork £40 version. I am tempted to order the download version for 1p just to see what happens – if I was them, I’d give people what they paid for so if they only send people 3 seconds worth of music, I would find that quite funny.

Of course if they charge me a £5 credit card handling fee I shall write a strongly worded letter to Mr. York and his band of un-merry men to complain.

One reply on “Whole albums for £0.01?!”

Paid zer0, zilch, nought, nothing! How can you purchase something that hasn’t been heard before. Weren’t even given sneak previews of the album. Released to the world at the same time – NO PROMO copies…. not even to radio stations

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