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Scarlett Rivers

Whilst out last night I saw a quite decent solo artist by the name of Jason Wakefield, otherwise known as Scarlett Rivers. I won’t be doing a review of the night but I just wanted to say that this guy was really good. Here is his MySpace:

As I said, he is a solo artist. He plays the piano like some kind of crazy guy (much like Matt Belamy really), anyway you should give him a listen.

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I gave the myspace songs a listen…. piano stuff sounds great, but the vocals sound awful… please tell me he’s better live or professionally recorded? 🙂

The songs on myspace are poor quality, so i’ll hold off judgement until I hear something in better ‘quality’.

Touchwood, the MySpace stuff is just very rough mixes of his tracks. As far as the amount of potential he has is concearned, it does look promising.

Jason is brilliant live, his vocals may strain abit on the mysapce page but since then he has been gigging allover the shop and has mastered his own voice as such…
as much as anyone can anyway.

Jason is awesome, i agree that the myspace songs are’nt so good, but i dont think we should expect them to be, this guy is new to the scene and just starting out but with songs like that i can really see him going far!!! Seen him play live and i gotta say the songs on the page quality wise vocally do not do him justice! I can see him goin far! ;o)


He’s alright, reminds me a bit of the type of songs you’d hear in Tim Burton films. A vocal coach would do him a world of good, I reckon.

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