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Albums of the year?

I’d just like to highlight some of the releases I am mostly looking forward to in the coming weeks/months, in the hopes that you, dear reader, will tell me which you are excited about and so we can all relish in the exchange of information. Anyway, here it goes!

– Asobi Seksu: Citrus. New York band that sounds like a swirling dream of wonderfulness. Album out a the end of this month, I do believe.
– This et Al: Sabbatical. We’re quite fond of this lot over at rawkstar hq, and their next single and upcoming album should be immense.
– Bloc Party: whatever it is called. Are you excited? I am. Hopefully it’ll be less punk-funk, and blog posts assure me this is the case.
– Mean+Flower: Untitled. The return of Europe’s best unsigned poprock band?

Now, your turn!

2 replies on “Albums of the year?”

Well obviously I’m looking forward to the new muse album, although… I can’t see how they can follow absolution… they’ve had 3 great albums in a row so, it’s about time for a bad one…

Also, if it ever comes to light, the new JJ72 album! I’ve got a promo or two and have bought the coming home singles and absolutely love the new songs. Their record company sucks like a very sucky thing.

Oobermans new album too! They reformed after a 3 year absence, being one of my favourite bands this is great news!

Oh, and i suppose I’m looking forward to the mean+flower album too! 😉 (i really like all the tracks I’ve heard, so am looking forward to hearing the new tracks for the album!).

And after hearing Supermassive Black Holes today… i fear i am right with my muse prediction!

It’s not a bad song, just not what i’d expect from muse. I’ll reserve judgment until i hear the album or have heard it a few more times.

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