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Hard-Fi = Dumbasses

Now I know it’s been around a little while in the ‘music press’ but now I’ve actually seen it in a shop, Hard-Fi’s new ‘non’ artwork is even more retarded than it sounds.

They appear to have decided that artwork = pictures, and have claimed to be not interested in that arty stuff, (or ‘We don’t need some airbrushed band shot just because it might be expected. Fuck that. This is about the music.‘ to be precise), so now their… well their cover art just says ‘NO COVER ART’.

I almost hope that it’s them being ironic, but I don’t think Hard-Fi have a collection of brain cells expansive enough to waste on irony.

Surely if they did have half a brain and really wanted to ‘break the rules‘ they should have avoided it all together and not had a cover at all (I’d like to note here that if you [mistakenly, who’d buy it voluntarily?] buy the album from HMV, you can get limited edition slip cover!), in fact why not go the whole hog and just cell the CD without a case at all. At least that way I’d have no wasteful packing from my new set of mug coasters.


DISCLAIMER: This post represents the opinion of the author and not facts based on any kind of intelligence tests that may or may not have been performed on the afore mentioned band or its members. Please don’t sue me, I may have the brains, but you have the money.

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I hate April the 1st

I really should avoid going on the internet on April the 1st. What’s true and what’s not?

First up, a bunch of Muse fansites have teamed up and said they’ve all received a letter from warner music telling them to close and remove lyrics/tabs/the word muse from their domain names etc. (I’m ashamed to admit I fell for this one…).

Secondly had a news item about a certain band being the first to announce a gig in space, yep… you guessed it Muse again! I never fell for this one…

Finally, good old Google announced Google TiSP. Free internet for everyone, a little installation needed.

So far that’s all I’ve spotted so far, I’ve only been online for about 10 minutes though. Don’t worry, there wont be any cheap tricks from Rawkstar this year (mainly because I forgot about it and couldn’t think of anything…).

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Mime: Natalie Imbruglia – Torn

Look at this – It’s a live(ish) version of “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia, she gets on stage with a mime who acts out her song – She even joins in with the actions near the end… The guitar solo bit is rather amusing too (even though it’s technically incorrect…).

Random Fact #119203 – David Ford played guitar on Natalie’s 3rd album “Counting Down the Days” which helped fund his solo album “I Sincerely Apologise for all the Trouble I’ve Caused” (More info).

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News we can’t be bothered to post on rawkstar #1

Well, here is a round up of various news items from the big bad internet none of the team (including myself) could be bothered to copy and paste into the rawkstar news page.

Yes, I only went through the NME, Drowned in Sound and thisisfakediy news pages but that’s all we need for one news post!!.


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Rap Music – and it’s repercussions

You’ve all probably seen the viral on YouTube regarding “AverageHomeboy”…

Is anyone else aware that this guy is actually for real? That to this day, he is still marketing himself as a rapper? Blazin’ Hazen, however, has dropped the really, really poor Casio keyboard drum machine and gone for something… yeesh… ‘darker’ (Imagine the whole East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry. Where the West were into G-Funk and slowed out beats, the East brought out an edgier product e.g Wu Tang Clan)

Anyhoo –

You try figure out if it’s a gimmick or for real these days

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Lord of the Rings – They’re taking the hobbits to Isengard!

A hilarious video, watch and enjoy!

Blog Funny Quickies Random Video

Random posting

An amusing video…

Click here to view Quicktime required…