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Rap Music – and it’s repercussions

You’ve all probably seen the viral on YouTube regarding “AverageHomeboy”…

Is anyone else aware that this guy is actually for real? That to this day, he is still marketing himself as a rapper? Blazin’ Hazen, however, has dropped the really, really poor Casio keyboard drum machine and gone for something… yeesh… ‘darker’ (Imagine the whole East Coast/West Coast rap rivalry. Where the West were into G-Funk and slowed out beats, the East brought out an edgier product e.g Wu Tang Clan)

Anyhoo –

You try figure out if it’s a gimmick or for real these days

Blog Rant

Hello again….

Firstly, great thanks for everyone at Rawkstar to allow me back to write. I’ve been on somewhat of a religious mission working on online radio and so forth, but it’s nice to be writing again.
(I’m a suck up at heart)
Anyhoo – my question is, what happened to all the great bands of the early 90’s? I’m talking about bands like Luscious Jackson, Elastica, Sleeper, Juliana Hatfield, Buffalo Tom… I could go on and on and on. These were bands who dominated a time where the whole ‘alternative’ scene was cool, that it wasn’t bogged down into the scheme of stereotypical genre placement (it all gets so confusing these days as well, especially trying to follow genre’s of dance music), who got masses of time on MTV and other sources of music television, and were definitive “college” rock bands (there, I used one of the stereotypes I tried to stray away from”. Only today I stuck on “Tree House” by Buffalo Tom and nearly shed a damn tear when next on my iPod came Razorlight. It’s not that I hate Razorlight, it’s just not the same – the contrasts between music and glamour.

I do, however, count my lucky stars bands like Mudhoney and Sonic Youth are still on the go. I jumped for joy when I heard The Pixies were reforming for a few ‘nostalgic’ shows. I jumped even more when rumours broke that Smashing Pumpkins might reform. Sadly though, some of these bands seem to have been caught up in the media hype machine. beloved Foo Fighters seems more preoccupied now raising political awareness and telling dick jokes than going back to their rugged, less-than-polished heavy routes (that’s coming from a die hard Foo Fighters fan as well… so yeah, I am taken aback by it all), meanwhile Courtney Love is peddling her wares with Steve Coogan, allegedly, of all people.

Oh well, at least we’ve still Dinosaur Jr.

I’m off to wipe the tears from my eyes 😛

Blog Quickies

Albums of the year?

I’d just like to highlight some of the releases I am mostly looking forward to in the coming weeks/months, in the hopes that you, dear reader, will tell me which you are excited about and so we can all relish in the exchange of information. Anyway, here it goes!

– Asobi Seksu: Citrus. New York band that sounds like a swirling dream of wonderfulness. Album out a the end of this month, I do believe.
– This et Al: Sabbatical. We’re quite fond of this lot over at rawkstar hq, and their next single and upcoming album should be immense.
– Bloc Party: whatever it is called. Are you excited? I am. Hopefully it’ll be less punk-funk, and blog posts assure me this is the case.
– Mean+Flower: Untitled. The return of Europe’s best unsigned poprock band?

Now, your turn!